Topic: 'initTWE' import error after updating 'tw-elements' to version 2.0.0"

Brzyski premium asked 2 months ago

Expected behavior After updating to tw-elements v2.0.0, it was expected that all functions and methods would work correctly after renaming according to the migration documentation. Actual behavior After updating to tw-elements v2.0.0 and attempting to import initTWE from tw-elements, an error occurs: export 'initTWE' (imported as 'initTWE') was not found in 'tw-elements'. Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.) import { Toast, initTWE, } from "tw-elements"; The error that is displayed: ERROR in ./src/pages/flow/specialStages/rpwdl/index.tsx 237:4-11 export 'initTWE' (imported as 'initTWE') was not found in 'tw-elements' (possible exports: Alert, Animate, Button, Carousel, Chart, Chip, ChipsInput, Clipboard, Collapse, Datatable, Datepicker, Datetimepicker, Dropdown, InfiniteScroll, Input, LazyLoad, Lightbox, LoadingManagement, Modal, Offcanvas, PerfectScrollbar, Popconfirm, Popover, Rating, Ripple, ScrollSpy, Select, Sidenav, SmoothScroll, Stepper, Sticky, Tab, Timepicker, Toast, Tooltip, Touch, Validation, initTE)

Igor Przybysz staff answered 2 months ago

Hi, I've created Vite App and installed tw elements pro following this guide and I can't reproduce this issue. Everything works fine for me.

I have few questions that will help us to figure out whats going on:

How did you update TWE in your project? Did you experience any other issues, for example with data attributes?

Have you followed all instructions from Migration Guide?

It is worth checking the version of TWE in node_modules or package-lock.json. You can try also deleting node_modules and installing it again.

FYI: We have TWE Elements section in support. There we will find this issue quicker and react to it.

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