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Bosnjak premium asked 2 years ago

I noticed today the new version 4.1.0 of MDB5 has been released ("Version 4.1.0, released 23.05.2022" on

However, my Orders page still only shows 3.0.0 ("MDB5-REACT-UI-KIT-PRO-ESSENTIAL-3.0.0" on

How do I get version 4.1.0, or even just 4.0.0?

ALSO, the documentation says I can install the latest using:

npm i git+

How do I get the "ACCESS_TOKEN" value? I generated a GitLab personal token, but it isn't accepted.

LASTLY, why aren't my emails to being replied to? Are you having technical issues with that email address?

Mateusz Leciejewski staff answered 2 years ago


The support forum is dedicated to technical questions.

All questions regarding MDB licensing, products, partnerships and other non-technical queries - it should be asked directly to

I replied to your message, please check your inbox.

Best regards,


Bosnjak premium commented 2 years ago

Thanks! But if your company was more responsive at the email people wouldn't have to post here ;-) I sent the same email about a year ago and never did receive a response... But I thank you for responding to this morning's email (which was a repeat of the unanswered one I sent yesterday).

Bosnjak premium answered 2 years ago

Please, I need an answer...

drimaco free commented 2 years ago

4.1.0 is the newest MDB Standard (Plain Javascript) version. 3.0.0 is the newest MDB React version. So youre up to date.

Youre right, the access token is generated in gitlab.

Bosnjak premium commented 2 years ago

Great! Thanks for clearing that up for me :-)

One question still pending: why does the Gitlab token not work in npm i git+ ? I get a "the repo doesn't exist or you don't have access" message...

Yohana Habsari premium commented 2 years ago

same experience

Krzysztof Wilk staff commented 2 years ago


We checked your access and everything looks fine. Are your access tokens up to date? Do you use accounts from where you made an order?

For now - you should be able to download the package from our page - just open the dropdown with your account options in the right upper corner and move to "My orders". In our zip file, there's a .tgz one that you can attach to your project in the package.json until we resolve your issues with npm :)

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