MDB 5 Changelog

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Version 1.0.0 Beta 1, released 03.08.2020

The fifth release of MDB 5 and the first Beta release. After a few months of testing and 4 Alpha releases, the project gains enough stability to release the first Beta.

In this version, we focused entirely on scss and javascript optimization to provide the highest standards and quality of the source code.

Version v1.0.0 Alpha 4, released 20.07.2020

The fourth release of MDB 5. It is a minor release that fixes a few small bugs.

Fixed & improved:

  • Fixed issue with floating buttons
  • Fixed z-index conflicts
  • Fixed issue with input autofill
  • Fixed navbar-brand alignment
  • Fixed issue with card borders
  • Fixed issue with checkbox focus
  • Fixed issue with dropdown on mobile


Version v1.0.0 Alpha 3, released 13.07.2020

The third release of MDB 5. It is a minor release that fixes a few small bugs.

Fixed & improved:



  • Added utilities docs

Version v1.0.0 Alpha 2, released 06.07.2020

The second release of MDB 5, which fixes many bugs and introduces many improvements.

Fixed & improved:

  • Improved animations
  • Fixed breadcrumbs in the navbar
  • Fixed aligning buttons, icons, images in the navbar
  • Fixed aligning icons in floating buttons
  • Shadows
  • Fixed validation for forms check and input group
  • Improved color in the .bg-light class
  • Fixed bugs with displaying the wrong color border in outline input
  • Improved styles for input group
  • Fixed bug with the ripple display property


  • Masks
  • Hover effects
  • Positioning for modals
  • Footer
  • Covers
  • Floating buttons


  • Almost all docs updated and improved
  • Added API section to each docs

Version v1.0.0 Alpha 1, released 22.06.2020

The initial release of MDB 5 Alpha 1 integrated with Bootstrap 5 Alpha 1.