asifyali free asked 5 years ago

My <th> classes are getting stripped off pl see below

<th class="">Date<i class="fa fa-sort float-right" aria-hidden="true"></i></th>


whereas the example has all these classes which i need.



<th class="th-sm sorting_desc" tabindex="0" aria-controls="dtBasicExample" rowspan="1" colspan="1" aria-label="Name
          : activate to sort column ascending" style="width: 138px;" aria-sort="descending">Name
            <i class="fa fa-sort float-right" aria-hidden="true"></i>


I have no control over <th as i am declaring the datatable as:

order={['date', 'desc']}
Thanks for any help!!!

arjun Liqotech free commented 1 year ago

how to add a dropdown on the col in the table ?

Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 1 year ago

To use dropdown in datatable try this data:

const actionData = {
    columns: [
      { label: 'Name', field: 'name' },
      { label: 'Position', field: 'position' },
      { label: 'Office', field: 'office' },
      { label: 'Contact', field: 'contact', sort: false },
    rows: [
        name: 'Tiger Nixon',
        position: 'System Architect',
        office: 'Edinburgh',
        phone: '+48000000000',
        email: '',
    ].map((row) => {
      return {
        contact: (
              <MDBDropdownToggle>Dropdown button</MDBDropdownToggle>
              <MDBDropdownMenu appendToBody="true">
                <MDBDropdownItem link>Action</MDBDropdownItem>
                <MDBDropdownItem link>Another action</MDBDropdownItem>
                <MDBDropdownItem link>Something else here</MDBDropdownItem>

The most important thing is to use the appendToBody prop to make the dropdown display properly.

Shashank Tiwari free answered 4 years ago

Q.1 I want to ask that how we put search box at every column. Q. 2 How to change Position and CSS of Footer elements. I am naive in this please give me a proper way to do this.

Jakub Chmura staff commented 4 years ago

I need to redirect you to your thread.

Jakub Mandra staff answered 5 years ago

Hey, thanks for posting.

That brings the problem out - we should add attributes for table components, so they would be more controllable and customizable.

Unfortunately, for now it is not possible to add your custom attributes.

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