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May i ask if the MDBootstrap multiselect React page have a bug? We are doing a project and needed it. We've tried copying the actual code provided in the website but unfortunately we've encountered an issue:

We've copied the multiselect with markup and it doesn't run correctly in our page. In the MDBootstrap website it has a Select All option but in our end the multiselect turns into a Single Select.

This image shows: This image shows:

Instead of this: instead of this

Another question: Can the multiselect handle a limit on when to show the total number of options selected?


For example we selected 3 options and when selecting the 4th option, currently it shows an ellipsis at the end. However, we expect it to show the total number of options selected instead.

Should be like this, depending on the width of the input: Should be like this, depending on the width of the input

I'll be waiting for your reply, we needed to finish our tasks ASAP.

Thank you very much.

Jakub Mandra staff premium answered a year ago


1.As mentioned in API section the selectAll property is available only for controlled select option with data stored in array.

2.There is no option to handle a limit of selected items. We will consider it as a feature which could be brought on within future releases.



Sprout Product Design commented a year ago

Hi Jakub,

Thank you for the info and we're hoping that you include such feature within the multiselect.

Best, Elmer

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