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cokicoki pro premium asked 5 months ago


How to make a sticky page component fluid/ wide-screen? I have tried but I am not satisfied as the content wide is small. I want to make a bigger room for the content. Here is the sample that I want below:

enter image description hereWould you please advise, how to achieve that or do you any suggestion what component should I use if this sticky component can not be applied.

Thank you very much.

Jakub Chmura staff premium answered 5 months ago

Hi @cokicoki,

You should use a fluid prop to achieve that, for example:

<MDBContainer fluid>.

Then you can manage the width of the main container by CSS and HTML classes.

Please look at our documentation. There you will find answers to basic questions for Bootstrap / MDBReact usage:

  1. Layout overview /example
  2. Grid usage

Best Regards,


cokicoki pro premium answered 5 months ago

Hi Kuba,

Could you give a little bit snippet to understand it? Especially when you mention the width of the main container by CSS and HTML classes. Will you show me with the code snippet? Thanks

Jakub Chmura staff premium commented 5 months ago

@cokicokiYou need to write a class in your component or HTML tag and then specify styles in the CSS file.

Snippet below:

<div(or component that you want to use) className='myclass'>

and in your CSS file

myclass {

width: 950px;


Best, Kuba

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