japan priority asked 1 year ago

Wysiwyg editor in MDBReact doesn't have any ID, Key, Value, OnChange etc. How can I use it?

Mateusz Lazaru staff answered 1 year ago

It should have a onChange event to return formatted code, because at the moment there is no good, 'reactive' way to use the component. We will add this feature soon.

I've prepared a temporary workaround solution for you:

  onSubmit={(e) => {
    const wysiwyg = document.querySelector('.my-wysiwyg .wysiwyg-content');
  <MDBWysiwyg className='my-wysiwyg'></MDBWysiwyg>
  <button type='submit' className='btn btn-primary'>

japan priority commented 1 year ago

Thanks, it's good for simple form, but if we need set required, allow save form only on change, validation input, it is insufficient. I hope, that update will be soon

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