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Sense4 priority asked 2 years ago

Hey guys!

I am a long time developer that grew up with ftp protocol and the 90:s html code. Love it! But in recent days I have learnt that I need to change ftp for ssh and started to explore github and so on.

My problem now is that I feel that I cant get the full use of my MDBS subscription due to lack of knowledge. I have installed my own reposatories according to all the fancy manuals. But when it comes to addons such as some colors, some functionalities and so on I can clearly find them in the folder systems if I would download the project as a zip file or similar. I can see that there are modules and maps of different kind that I would like to activate and there is a lot of existence of @import tags here and there.

I just want to get the basics up and running so that I would be able to do things that just doesnt seem to work without activating addons. Now lates I wanted to have a select dropdown with the possibility to search the options. In previous versions (MDB jquery) it was simple and automated - not when adding the data-mdb-filter="true" absolutly nothing happens. And I have more of those cases so I am quite sure my knowledge is the problem here.

If anyone has the energy to help point me in the right direction that would be awesome!

Best regards, Michael

Kamila Pieńkowska staff answered 2 years ago

If you are not sure how to use specific components there are multiple examples in our documentation.

Also if you want some general usage examples to get familiar with MDB products we do have multiple video tutorials available at:

If you want to use select in search it is available in your version of MDB. Here is an example from our documentation.

Do you have any error message in the console when you try to use data-mdb-filter="true"? Did you import the js and css mdb files in your HTML?

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