Topic: Card reveal & Flip card

devtrix pro asked 2 years ago

How to do these with the standard pro version? I saw code for version 4 & Angular but nothing for this version. Thanks in advance.

Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 2 years ago

As you have noticed, MDB5 is not backwards compatible with MDB4. Therefore it is a separate product. We decided to introduce a lot of changes in this product, as well as abandon some solutions from MDB4. If you still would like us to help you with the migration from MDB4 to MDB5 you can use this link: to describe exactly what you are having problems with.

devtrix pro commented 2 years ago

So I have to pay extra to get a couple of snippets? I took care of most by adding missing stuff. All I need to do is to get the Card flip & Card reveal. I took that link and its asking for my budget etc. Just need a couple of snippets.

Grzegorz Bujański staff commented 2 years ago

We would have to create a new solution that we did not plan to add to MDB5 and it would require a lot of work on our part. As I wrote before, MDB5 is a new product. When deciding to create a new product we had the opportunity to decide which components will be transferred from MDB4 to MDB5, what they should look like, and what options they should have. Therefore not all components from MDB4 will be available in MDB5 right now. Maybe one day we'll add Card flip & Card reveal. But we don't plan to do this right now

devtrix pro commented 2 years ago

Got it. And I leaned a very valuable lesson in all of this, to thoruoghly check out the product before commiting. Dont get me wrong, this was an awesome time-saving product in v4 unfortunately I "assumed" its going to be additve and better in v5. My issue is I have to chew my pride and inform my clients that are using the v4 of this and I will put a caveat section informing new clients to expect massive breaking changes and who may still want to use MDB for some reason.

Further, I will come up with a shim myself.

Thanks anyways and best of luck.

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Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 2 years ago

Unfortunately, in MDB5 we decided not to add these two elements. But I will add the information that there was a request to add such a component. We will discuss it in the team and maybe one day we will add it.

devtrix pro commented 2 years ago

I noticed there are quite a bit of features that didnt get ported. A person like my self who have sites in the v4, personal and I made my clients buy from you guys, we cant do a simple upgrade. Bootstrap 5 itself having a slightly different grammer and features, I wish MDB would have left certain things in place for backward compatibility. All your hide & show funtions got removed too, cant use all the colors like before as it sis condensed to default etc. The material input, the one where the input just has the bottom border got removed and replaced with outline. Add to all this the card reveals. It just feels like no concern was given to upgrades from a previous version. With all due respect, I purchased this to save me time. This is very disappointing. I am sure with an expert group such as yours you could create a snippets for MDB 5? That I would appreciate.


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