Topic: Date sorting in DataTables does not work

yorkmyers priority asked 2 years ago


I'm using the DataTable component with Vanilla JavaScript and it's not sorting date values correctly if formatted as mm/dd/yyyy. It's seeing the numeric values as text, screenshot below.

enter image description here

I came across these resources:

  • I'm ensuring that data is coming back from the API as YYYY-MM-DD .
  • I added a type: date
  • I have a function that converts it to the desired format (rather than pass it this way from the server)

Code to populate the datatable:

const table = document.getElementById('myTable');
const columns = [
{ label: 'Prep Date', type: 'date', field: 'prepDate' }


const mdbTable = new mdb.Datatable( table, { columns, }, { loading: true });fetch( externalApiURL).then((response) => response.json()).then((data) => { mdbTable.update( { rows: => ({ ...entry, prepDate: dateFormat( entry.prepDate ) ,

{ loading: false }


Function to format:

function dateFormat(myDate) {
// input: YYYY-MM-DD
// output: mm/dd/yyyy
var parts = myDate.split('-');
return parts[1] + '/' + parts[2] + '/' + parts[0];


Thank you!

dwilbur priority answered 1 year ago

is this the same state of affairs with the latest version of datatables?

Kamila Pieńkowska staff commented 1 year ago

Yes, we did not change that.

Kamila Pieńkowska staff answered 2 years ago

We do not provide the option to format the date in datatable. If you change date format it will be treated as text. Component logic is different between UI Kits so solutions from other kits does not apply here.

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