Topic: Draggable - Get Parent Container on Drop

gshell free asked 3 years ago

I'm reviewing the documentation on the draggable plugin and I do not see anything about getting any information on the element being dragged or the parent container the element is in. What I'm looking for is something like having two divs and multiple cards in each div. When I drag a card onto a div, I need the card's ID and the ID of the div I dropped the card onto so I can perform actions in my javascript code. Is there any way to get this information with the draggable plugin?

Marcin Luczak staff commented 3 years ago

Hi gshell,

About draggable elements you would achieve that functionality with listening to one of the drag element events, such as start.mdb.draggable or end.mdb.draggable and getting event target element. Please see snippet below:

You can also check our events tab for Drag and drop component:

The functionality of moving elements between containers is reserved for Sortable element inside Drag and drop component. Normally you would be able to listen to Sortable elements events the same as in Draggable elements but unfortunately, we've found an issue inside this component and it's impossible for that moment. We are working to implement a fix as soon as possible.

Best regards, Marcin

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