Topic: MDB4 DataTables in MDB5

soiware priority asked 1 year ago

Hi, I've dozen of pages in MDB4 including DataTables plug-in. Many of this tables have complex layout: - Hidden columns. - Columns combining the content of other columns. - Column text formatted (alignment, string-to-currency, boldface, colors, etc...). - Column containing multiple link (i.e.: clickable code to edit, other data tag to performa specific action, link to open a popup menu still maintaining selected current row) - Multiline custom cell content.

The new MDB5 DataTables is no longer compatible and I've not found a guide to migrate from MDB4.

My goal is to migrate from MDB4 to MDB5 but how can I accomplish this without functionality loss in DataTables plug-in? Were can I find example for each of the above functionality, if these are still available?

I googled and I found for Bootstrap 5 exists and it seems it is compatible with version 4. So, is it possibile to use a in MDB5 environment, guessing if it is a smooth migration job to complete? Many thanks.

Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 1 year ago

Unfortunately, the MDB5 datatable does not have all the options available in the MDB4 datatable. Datatable in MDB4 was based on so if you add yourself everything should still work. Unfortunately, we do not have datatable migration instructions from MDB4 to MDB5 because we no longer support solutions based on and we cannot guarantee that everything will work properly.

soiware priority commented 1 year ago

Thank you Grzegorz. Trying to use the new MDB Datatable, how can I get the value of a different column, inside a column format function?

My goal is: I have a format function in order to show a button inside a column. The button is created assigning a format function to the property ".format" of column # 2. I need to assign "onclick" with a function including the value of the column #0 as a parameter (the column #0 contains the database key, the button is used to run a server side action with this key).

soiware priority commented 1 year ago

Ok: I have to use component. I succeeded in loading and using it, with some trouble about styles (i.e. changing default selected row style), but in general this works fine.

soiware priority answered 1 year ago

I've a table with 60 rows. In MDB4 (DataTable) I can sort them with a minimum CPU overload. After migrating to MDB5 (mdb.Datatable) che CPU rise to 36%.So the new component brings to loss of features and speed.In general MDB5 leads to an improvement, and a very good job has been done.But in my opinion you should have to clearly explain that the new table management component leads to a significant loss of functionality and speed, warning your customers, so we can immediately look for an alternative solution without wasting time trying to migrate to the new mdb.Datatable component, if inappropriate for our needs.

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