Topic: Select - bug in expanding options via keyboard Alt+Down

meesha81 priority asked 1 year ago

Expected behavior If you want fill the form via keybord, you jump via tab to the select element. If you want to look at the options, standard key shortcut is Alt+Down for expand options and then choose via arrows/enter.

Actual behavior If you use Alt+Down, select is expanded, but immediatelly collapsed. This can be tested also on your simple/clean examples in the documentation. There is currently no way how to expand select options via keyboard.

Quang Huy Nguyễn priority commented 1 year ago

wow I didn't even know that combination exist, normally I just hit enter to open it.

meesha81 priority commented 1 year ago

I would never have expected that I would expand select with enter, because enter is mostly form submit...

meesha81 priority answered 1 year ago

Any information for this issue, please?

Mateusz Lazaru staff commented 1 year ago

Enter submits form only when the submit button is focused, so I don't find it confusing.

We want our select to behave like a normal select tag and this one actually works with alt+arrow. We'll need to discuss it in our team.

meesha81 priority commented 1 year ago

Hi, I have found that alt+arrow down works "fine", but there is maybe keyup or other event which close select after expanded. So this function is propably made up, it just doesn't work very well...

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