Topic: Sortable plugin - connected to more than one list

Ehret priority asked 3 months ago


Is there still no solution for MDB5 Standard (Plain JS) to connect more than one list? (I found this thread:

I migrate an MDB4 project to MDB5 and In MDB4 this was possible:

            connectWith: "#sortable1,  #sortable3",
            update: function(event, ui) {

I build a snippet to show what I tried with MDB5:

It should be possible to move items between "To do" and "Ready to go" (both directions) and between "Ready to go" and "Done" (also both directions)

I also tried to use data-mdb-connected-lists (with 's') as proposed by mikejela in the linked discussion but this is not working for me neither.

Do you have any idea how to fix this? In fact I have multiple "Done" Lists :-O But I guess if you can connect two lists you can connect 10, too ;-)

Thank you


Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 3 months ago

Unfortunately, at the moment you can only use two connected lists

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