sriramk18 priority asked 1 year ago

Expected behavior I need to center the content and give spacing from the border and control. I need the control and div border have enough spacing.

Single Control Image

Actual behavior The control and spacing works perfect when one control is placed, When multiple control are placed the control gets closer to border.

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)Current Result

From Date
        <div class="col">
            <div class="form-outline datepicker" data-mdb-inline="true">
                <input type="text" class="form-control" id="labresulttodate" />
                <label for="labresulttodate" class="form-label">To Date</label>
        <div class="col d-flex justify-content-center">
            <a id="laboratoryTestViewButton" class="btn btn-primary btn-rounded" role="button"><i class="fas fa-search me-2"></i>Search</a>

Mateusz Lazaru staff answered 1 year ago

Thank you for your snippet! Check out this code below:

mt-5 mt-md-0 and mb-5 mb-md-0 will increase margin only for wide screen.

To center button's position there should be class='d-flex justify-content-center' set in its parent element, not in button itself.

sriramk18 priority answered 1 year ago

I have updated the snippet. Please review and give me a solution to center and gap between the border and control

Mateusz Lazaru staff answered 1 year ago


could you please recreate this problem in snippet? For now it's looking totally different than on images.

It will be much easier for me to find solution when I'll be working on exact copy of your code.

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