Topic: Unable to compile minified CSS when trying to change colors

MikaSolinum pro asked 7 months ago

Expected behavior Using tutorials to set up some system where I can just change base colors of the MDB to mach our artists vision, and later possibly even default shapes, shadows and other stuff to make use of components as convenient as possible when building the UI.

Actual behavior Tutorial, which instructs are poorly worded and sometimes outright broken leads to wild goose chase that ends with project that's been hacked together from various outdated or poorly explained parts. Still manages to end up building just minified .js file in /dist/ folder, while also complaining about scss errors like extremely weird way the one document page teaches how to make color black by using #{to-rgb($black)} replaced with #{to-rgb(black)} or just rgb(0,0,0); goes through npm build with no errors, only warnings about monolithic sizes of the built items, and results in only minified .js file.

So clearly scss is considered, but never actually built for project. Tutorials, as far as I can see after three days of trying to figure the documentation out, does not go in details how the css is built. Only helps you set up projects that reflect no reallife situation I can think of as helpful in form of setting up some node based webserver serving bunch of npm/node nonsense that doesn't actually do anything useful like compiling the scss into css.

Steps I'd like to see improved Tutorials on how to set up pipeline on customizing colors and other variables, that output minified files ready to be served as part of project. With minimal clutter. If someone finds these extra features useful, maybe add sidesteps like "At this point, you may want to see the result in browser, here is how to use node to set up Vite for webserver for example" or somesuch.

Also structured documentations on variables used, and what they affect would be greatly appreciated as it would help with theming a lot. The theming section just goes in skin deep dive on pointing out it is possible without giving good instructions how to make it happen in real project.

Michal Szymanski staff answered 7 months ago

Thank you for your feedback.

A week ago we have released a new major version (7.0.0) with many breaking changes and tutorials weren't updated yet to meet all these changes. We will do it soon.

If you could provide specific links to the lessons of tutorials that aren't working as they should I would appreciate it. It will help me to update it faster.

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