Topic: Use ID of an element when creating IDs for wrappers and other elements

Sushrut Bidwai premium asked 5 days ago

In the current implementation, when an element such as select is used, mdb generates a number of elements to support various features. While doing that, it generates number of element IDs with a prefix, for example select-container- and so on.

My feature request would be - if the select element has an ID given by the developer, then re-use that to generate these element IDs. For example, if I have a select element with ID=locationSelector, then generate required elements like select-container-locationSelector and so on.

This will enable me as a developer to use those IDs in css element selectors and modify specific attributes if I need to without affecting any other select elements on the pages.

kpienkowska staff answered 5 days ago

Thank you for the idea we will discuss this with our team.

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