Topic: MDBVue-Pro, Accordion, doesn't work with message "Unknown custom element: <accordion>"

peterwebaika-com free asked 4 years ago

*Expected behavior*It should show Accordion panes as per MDB Vue docs: Accordion->Accordion with a table

Actual behavior*No Accordion panes. I see two console errors: "*Unknown custom element: accordion" and "Unknown custom element: accordion-pane"

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)Here is how I'm importing Accordion into a component

Accordion in template

Note that along with Accordion I'm using mdbLightbox which is also a pro component and it works as expected. I'm not sure what mdb-pro version I'm using, but my guess it's the latest 6.4.0 as I have in my package.json the following: "mdbvue": "git+" which supposed to install the latest when running npm install. Has Accordion been removed from mdbvue pro package or you have outdated docs with wrong code samples?

Magdalena Dembna staff answered 4 years ago

This example requires the following imports:

import { mdbAccordion, mdbAccordionPane } from 'mdbvue'

components: { ... , mdbAccordion, mdbAccordionPane } 

The exports without mdb prefix had been removed in 6.0.0 version - I created a task to update those examples in our documentation. Best regards, Magdalena

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  • Technology: MDB Vue
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