Topic: Datatables mdbTableSort Issue

Dave Moniz priority asked 3 years ago

If your dataSource for a datatable has an element that starts with a capital it will not sort by that element.

For example: from the docs if you had Person.Name instead of the name column is no longer sortable.

Is this fixable?

I can provide sample code.

Dave Moniz priority commented 3 years ago

It's fine if you don't fix it, this is bad practice. But I imagine others could potentially come forward with the same complaint

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 3 years ago

@Dave Moniz We did not consider such a use case because, as you mentioned, it is a bad practice. However, we will check what we can do with it just in case someone wants to use this naming convention

Dave Moniz priority answered 2 years ago

Closing this because it no longer concerns me.

I honestly don't want you to fix it, it forces people to do things correctly.


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  • Technology: MDB Angular
  • MDB Version: MDB5 1.0.0-beta5
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  • OS: Arch Linux
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