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itay pro asked 9 months ago


We are considering an upgrade to version 5, but we have concerns about whether version 6 is on the horizon. It would be counterproductive to invest in the transition to version 5, only to discover that version 6 is soon to be released.

Additionally, if version 6 is not yet in development, is there a migration guide available to assist us in upgrading from our current version to version 5?

Thank you

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 9 months ago

I assume that by 'version' you mean the version of the MDB (like MDB4 with Bootstrap 4 or MDB5 with Bootstrap 5) and not a version of the specific library (for example, the MDB5 Angular latest version is 5.1.0).

We currently have no development plans for MDB 6, because Bootstrap 6 is not available yet (and we don't know when it will be released). We plan to update MDB5 Angular to v6.0.0 when we add support for Angular 17.

MDB4 Angular and MDB5 Angular are completely different libraries (even though we tried to keep as many similarities as possible). Due to this, we don't have any migration guide that could help you with updating the project.

The best way to switch from MDB4 to MDB5 would be to compare the documentation pages for the specific components and to update the HTML/TS syntax and imports.

You can find the documentation for MDB4 and MDB5 here:



itay pro commented 9 months ago

Ok I understand the situation, thank you for the response

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