Topic: updating modal [config] on runtime

itay pro asked 4 years ago

In some cases, a user should be able to close a general purpose modal on escape keyboard click or backdrop click and sometimes he should not

Since the modal is created on app start and displayed later on demand, [config] attribute is changed between

{ ignoreBackdropClick: true, keyboard: false }


{ ignoreBackdropClick: false, keyboard: true }

However, the behaviour is always as set on modal creation, thus I it cannot be changed on runtime, on demand

How can I force the new [config] settings ?

itay pro commented 4 years ago

itay pro answered 4 years ago

Excellent ! ................

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 4 years ago

You need to overwrite the config object completely in order to trigger Angular change detection. For example:

config = { backdrop: false, ignoreBackdropClick: true, keyboard: false };

updateConfig() {
    const updatedConfig = { backdrop: true, ignoreBackdropClick: false, keyboard: true };
    this.config = { ...updatedConfig };

Please note that the backdrop won't be updated dynamically in this case (we will take a closer look at that, but I'm not sure if it should work this way). The ignoreBackdropClick and keyboard options should be updated correctly.

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