Topic: Where can I find MDB 4 documentation

dhoegl priority asked 3 years ago

I am in no way a professional developer, and have spent a CONSIDERABLE amount of time getting MDB 4 functionality to work correctly in my webapp.

All of a sudden, I'm being told that I need to abandon literally 12+ months of work, and rewrite my entire app - more than 10,000 lines of code - using the new MDB 5 codebase - this is just not going to happen anytime soon!

PLEASE where can I find the legacy MDB 4 documentation so I can 'at least' get my app up and running before I need to trash all my previous work?

dhoegl priority answered 3 years ago

Thank you! I appreciate the fast response, and the ability to stay with 4 until I'm ready to move over :)

Krzysztof Wilk staff commented 3 years ago


Glad to hear that :)

If you have more questions - feel free to ask!

Best regards

Michal Szymanski staff answered 3 years ago

By the way - you can easily access MDB 4 jQuery docs from the HomePage.

We do not even consider MDB 4 docs as a legacy - it's still a valid version with separated, regular docs

enter image description here

Krzysztof Wilk staff answered 3 years ago


If you are using our MDB5 package, you can still migrate your project to the latest version. See the changelog here:

This change happened because of Bootstrap 5 Beta 1 latest release, where some access, RTL, and logical changes appeared. You can check them here:

If you want to use the MDB4 jQuery version - you can still use old documentation and components. You can find it here: :)

Best regards

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