Topic: Is the Pro version coming with separate CSS and JavaScript for every block?

AllMediaLab free asked 4 years ago


Just tested the free version of MDB and wonder does the Pro version come with separate CSS and JavaScript for every block? I ask this because in the free version it's one bloated CSS file containing all CSS for all blocks.

And does the Pro version contains all the html files with the blocks or do you have to grap them online?

If it's only one CSS and JavaScript file in Pro, I find MDB absurdly expensive and unusable! Your prices are a bit steep anyway, but that's my opinion.



Michal Szymanski staff answered 4 years ago

Hi David,

of course, you can.

.scss are source files (so before compilation) and their weight doesn't matter because you don't use them on production projects. What really matters is the weight of the files after the compilations.

Have a look at mdb-free.scss file. There you can find a list of modules. By removing the components you don't need you can make you package as light as you wish.

Just remove the unnecessary modules and compile your new package.

If you don't know how to compile source files have a look at this tutorial:


AllMediaLab free answered 4 years ago

They work as modules and you can easily exclude or include a given module

Hi Michal,

I know how scss works!

Can you please show me then how I can make the core.scss smaller so that it only uses the scss that it needs for what I really use in the HTML?

The modules are like I said before only a couple of kB's, the problem is the core.scss is huge and can not made smaller, or can it?

The whole MDB website where ever I browse takes a long time to load. Why? Because the website is made dynamic and not optimized.



Michal Szymanski staff answered 4 years ago

Dear David,

forgive me, but using scss files is the only proper way for mature and large projects.

They work as modules and you can easily exclude or include a given module (scss file or js source file) and compose your package according to your needs. So if your needs are low your package can be very light - depending on what components do you need.

You should also notice, that nowadays, for example, a simple and relatively small image is usually much heavier than even the biggest css file, so the website performance do not really depend on this. There are many other, more important factors.

Could you please give as a sample link form our website with particularly slow performance? We'll check this, but as far I can see in this very moment every page of our documentation loads below 3 seconds.

Where did you get an idea about Bootstrap 5 releasing soon? It's on its first alfa and let me remind you that developing Bootstrap 4 from Alfa to Stable version took more than 2 years.

About the pricing - thank you for the advice, but we only see the increase in sales. MDB currently has over 50 000 customers and almost 2 million free users. We cannot see any decline. Quite opposite, because nowadays every business needs to digitalize due to coronavirus. Especially eCommerce is exploding, so we released a new product - MDB eCommerce:

Nevertheless, thank you for the feedback - it's always welcome.

Best regards, Michal

AllMediaLab free answered 4 years ago

Hi @Mateusz Łubianka ,

Thanks for your reply. With the scss you can hardly save any bandwidth, because the components are only a couple of kB, but unfortunately the core.scss is enormous in kB's.

I find that personally not a very professional way to set up a framework. It's easy for the developers, but a hell for your website. When you look at the MDB website you can see the result, it's dam slow!

That you have to go online to get your HTML code, for such a expensive framework?

You didn't answer my question about the pricing! The Bootstrap 4 version has come to it's end and 5 is on the way. Paying € 200,- for a Pro version that's at it's end and then having to upgrade to a other version? Strange that the price doesn't come down. It will hold a lot of people off purchasing the Pro version at the moment.



Mateusz Łubianka staff answered 4 years ago

Hi @AllMediaLab,

In the pro MDB version (as in Free) there are cumulative mdb.js and mdb.css files but there are also scss and src / js folders where you can find separate scss and js files. MDB Pro version contains the templates folder where you can find 10 html files with templates. The package does not contain the html code of the components.


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