Topic: Support for building with Phonegap / Cordova

FrankR free asked 4 years ago

Can apps using these tools be successfully built with Phonegap or Cordova to generate mobile apps, in addition to browser apps?

FrankR free answered 4 years ago

The modern solutions all come with steep additional development time. For now, there is still a strong use case out there for being able to apply web app source to Phonegap builds for iOS and Android.

I wish there was a little more official support. I can't build a business dependency on MDB without reasonable assurance that Android and iOS builds will be successful.

Went to go look at MDB Vue Mobile and saw that it is not out yet. Any timeline?

Mateusz Leciejewski staff commented 4 years ago

Hi @FrankR, we can't give you the exact time of Vue Mobile yet, but it will probably be the first quarter of this year :)

Best, Mateusz

Yes, you can. In fact, we officially don't support Cordova/Phonegap, but I was able to use MDBootstrap with Phonegap a long time before I joined MDB ;)

I'm not judging you for using Phonegap, but if you'd wish to use more modern solutions, we have created MDB React Native, MDB Angular Mobile, and MDB Vue Mobile

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