Topic: Connect MDBReact through scss only

victoriatech free asked 3 years ago


I would like to ask you if you could give me a hand and help me cennect MDBReact 5.0.1 pro version in our main.scss script, where we connect everything related with scss.

Currently we are importing mdb from node_modulesl ike this:

@import '~mdbreact/dist/scss/mdb-pro';

but since its just and Alpha version we noticed that some parts are still missing, like grid for example. Therefore it is not included in mdb and we have to import bootstrap 5, to be sure we dont miss anything. This approach is unabling us, to use _variables to set our own variables for colors.

My question is, could you advise me how to ideally import MDBReact with fully functional bootstrap 5 and still be able to set our own variables for colors, like primary, secondary etc..?

I noticed you have your own variables included in MDBReact too, we wouldn't want to spoil them either.

Thanks in advance

Piotr Glejzer staff commented 3 years ago

We don't provide any solution to connect MDBReact with bootstrap5. MDBReact based on bootstrap 4 and we will not change it. We are currently working with the new bootstrap 5 and react to connect everything. We have an alpha version on Github and npm but there is no pro version available yet.

victoriatech free commented 3 years ago

hey, sorry for late response, but your email was delivered to spams section. Well lets not dwell on versions here, because the main focus of the question was how to connect MDB via scss only, and you havenť answered that part. So can we import it better than this way? @import '~mdbreact/dist/scss/mdb-pro'; and how to set our variables, since you renamed bootstrap variables for colors?

Piotr Glejzer staff commented 3 years ago

If you want to change something in our scss code you have to copy scss files from 'node_modules/mdbreact...' and set up your project to compile scss files and overwrite _variables in scss files, colors, or something else.

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