Topic: Further options for table data editing

waiiki free asked 1 year ago

In this block of code for the table-editor columns api:

type AdvancedHeader = { label: string; field: keyof AdvancedRecord; sort?: boolean; width?: number; fixed?: string; fixedValue?: number; defaultValue?: unknown; options?: string[]; inputType?: 'number' | 'select' | 'checkbox';};

There's "inputType" which only allows certain datatypes.

Is there a way to specify for example, a regex validation for these fields? Or maybe email format only?

Also, for the modal example, how would I add similar validation (for creation or editing).

Finally, is it possible to add a multiselect as an option for a column, for example if I have a users table and I want to be able to give/take away certain roles? If not, could I request this as a feature?

Wojciech Staniszewski staff commented 1 year ago

It's not possible for now. But we will think about this. I added it to the idea list.

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