Topic: Recommended way to include MDBreact Pro in a project (and get updates)

mpcooke4 pro asked 6 years ago

Thank you for the recent update (4.2.0) to MDB react pro which I have nearly finishes merging into my project :) It has fixed the flickering menu options issue I was having. I have a question about the best way to separate MDBreact proj from my own web app. Originally I created my web app by unzipping the MDB react pro zip and using that project as the basis of my web app. I now realise that doing so may have created more work in terms of merging in new updates - although I have learnt quite a bit about MDBreact from the experience! I presume people using the free version can simply update mdbreact via yarn/npm and by making minimal changes to their own projects (I can see you now show a way to add mdbreact to existing projects). Is there a recommended way of referencing mdbreact PRO from a project, such that I can more cleanly split out my web app from mdbreact pro and make it easier to update mdbreact pro in the future? Any advice about  what you think would be the most sensible structure to make it easy for me to update mdbreact pro cleanly in the future would be most welcome. Matt.

Olesen pro answered 6 years ago

I just bought the pro version and have similar issues. Using yarn add  (or https afte havin added a SSH certificate) the download proces stops on step 2/4 after having downloaded 1097 of  1098 packages. It simply stops responding.  

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff commented 6 years ago

do you get any error?

zjy pro answered 6 years ago

I have the same need. I am pro user. Can you give me the access too?

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff commented 6 years ago

Sure, just send an email to - he will be more than happy to help you ;)

zjy pro commented 6 years ago

Thanks, I got the access. Do you know how I should authenticate for this oauth2 link, git+ I got an error as below: npm ERR! remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied npm ERR! fatal: Authentication failed for ''

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff commented 6 years ago

Please contact me at

One question before I answer: do you have an access to our gitlab repository? If you don't we can give you an access as you are the pro user :) If you get an access to the gitlab repository, you'll be able to add MDB React Pro to your package.json's dependencies like this: "mdbreact": "git+" This solution works with apps created via CRA so you don't have to use MDB React Pro as a base for your project Let me know if you need more help

Th3Dan free commented 6 years ago

I'm also trying what the thread-creator wants, but with the version for Angular. I think your url needs some sort of oAuth token. I generated one on with url and inserted the secret after the : so my url looked like this: git+ But I always get error code 128: HTTP Basic: Access denied The only thing that works for me is the classic way of including username/password (so no oAuth). But I would prefer a more secure solution with some authentication token, so that I don't have to include my plain credentials there.

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