Topic: Updating MDB React Pro

mark-steven-au premium asked 4 years ago

Expected behavior*MDB 4.25.6 from MDB 4.25.5*Actual behavior

Best method*Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)*I would like to know the best way to update MDB React ProMay seem silly question but do not want to break existing project doing an update so would like to know best method.I am assuming it is simply Terminal into project folder andnpm install git+ --save

But before I do this can someone please confirm this is the best way.I note that at the top of the updates page is the option to download a folder which is best?thanks

Piotr Glejzer staff commented 4 years ago

There is no difference between package and gitlab repository because we create a pacakge from GitLab repo so they look the same. But the easiest way is using a token to update your project.

mark-steven-au premium commented 4 years ago

Hi Piotr, Thanks for that but just want to make sure upgrading an existing project will not break it? EG if piece of code has been super-ceded? Had issues in the past with awesomefont changing to awesome font-free for instance

Piotr Glejzer staff commented 4 years ago

We always try to explain what we changed in the latest version of our changelog. You can read this and if you think you don't need to upgrade to the latest version you don't have to update.

We also don't make big updates on what will break an existing project yet. It will probably happen when we will change to 5.0.0 version but we don't have a date for that.

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