Topic: datetimepicker when set to data-mdb-disable-future="true" always defaults to PM

dwilbur priority asked 7 months ago

Expected behavior

always defaults to AM or PM, which ever is currently appropriate.

Actual behavior

always defaults to PM, even when it is AM

for a code sample you can use the MDB 6.4.x documentation for data-mdb-disable-future="true"

dwilbur priority answered 7 months ago

while i might prefer the 24 hour orientation to time... most people in the US do not.

placing it in what appears to be an unclickable time wheel is confusing. there is no real indication that "hey, you need to click on AM since its prior to 12pm currently." which means documentation and/or training for something as simple how to use the time ui... having it be in AM since the current time is an AM time seems a lot more user friendly.

you can click on 12pm, even when its say 9am... which is also confusing.

Kamila Pieńkowska staff commented 7 months ago

Do you need to disable future for dates and time or dates only?

Because it is possible to disable futere only in datepicker part of datetimepicker.

Unfortunately, we do not have the option to open timepicker with current date unless you have it in the input already.

Kamila Pieńkowska staff answered 7 months ago

This is not a bug. Timepicker is set to always position the hands of the clock on the noon until the hour is chosen. If you think it would be better you can use format24 to have all hours available form right away.

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