Topic: How to change colors and recompile MDB5

ilya premium asked 3 years ago

I have been looking for some time now for a documentation on how to change the color palette. (How to build mdb 5 from the repo)

The only things that I could find was an old BS4 Tutorial

Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 3 years ago

See this page: here you can find tips on how to change the values ​​of SCSS variables.

ilya premium answered 3 years ago

Hi Gregorz, thanks so far, no I mean very much in particular:

I would like to set --bs-primary and --bs-secondary variables and recompile the SCSS source from the repo to a single mdb.min.css.

Which files would I need to change and what steps would I have to do to get the new mdb.min.css?

Thanks, Ilya

Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 3 years ago

Do you mean editing source code? To do this you need to download the Color picker source files from our repository, add them to your project and make changes.

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