Topic: License for one user on MDBootstrap 5 and also on Tailwind Elements

Michelle Murray priority asked 10 months ago

I have filled out your contact form twice on July 26 and have not received a response yet. I have an urgent matter.

The matter is: I have the MDBootstrap5 Standard with Plain JavaScript for one user. I need some help on some python code programming. Can I have another developer access my GitHub to get to the code without breaking the License Agreement? Or do I need to purchase another 1 user for one project license for this? They will not be working with MDBootstrap5. I need to know because I have been waiting now to hear back because I need their help on python programming ASAP.

Also, it looks like Tailwind Elements allows for open source so I wouldn't have to go through these restrictions if I use Tailwind Elements. Is that correct? However, I have my Django Project with static pages like About...., menus, and blog all in MDBootstrap 5 Standard. Can I use Tailwind Elements in the same project with MDBootstrap 5? In this Django project, I will be creating an app for e-Commerce. Could I use Tailwind Elements for the e-Commerce in same Django project where the menus and blog are using the MDBootstrap5 Standard? If I could, then later if needed I could start changing each page from MDBootstrap5 to the Tailwind Elements or even use both where each is more applicable. Please let me know because I am building an e-Commerce and need to decide which to use as I feel later I may move more to Tailwind Elements.

Also, Please let me know if a developer can access my private GitHub to work on python code because I am under a major deadline and I haven't been able to get a response from anyone regarding my subscription for MDBootstrap 5 Standard and what I can do now or if I need some upgrade for another develop to get access to my GitHub. Please let me know because we are waiting to find out before moving forward. Thank you very much.

Michelle Murray priority answered 10 months ago

I just have two more questions. I replied to your email last night on August 6th. Thank you

Michelle Murray priority answered 10 months ago

It's me again. I sent another response to your email yesterday, on August 3rd. I still had one question regarding MDB5 Standard with Tailwind Elements in same Django project. Also clarification on what you listed on licensing. Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing from you.

Michelle Murray priority answered 10 months ago

Dear Filip Kapusta,

I sent a response to your email reply yesterday morning. I will await your response. Thank you very much!

Warm regards,

Michelle Murray

Filip Kapusta premium answered 10 months ago


We have answered your original question via email.

Sincere apologies for the delay.

Best regards

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