Topic: Why drag and drop rows are not working for touch screens(Mobile/Tab) ?

adamozdemir priority asked 2 years ago

Why drag and drop rows are not working for touch screens(Mobile/Tab) ?

tjklug11 free answered 1 year ago

I echo the need for sortable drag and drop to work with touch. I too had the expectation of this feature working when paying for an upgraded membership. Please increase the priority of this request. Thank you.

Michał Duszak staff commented 1 year ago

Hello. Thank you for your feedback. I have increased the priority of this task as you requested.

solzbacher priority answered 1 year ago

Hello, I have just stumbled upon the same problem, where drag and drop for sortables does not work with touch inputs. Touch input works fine for normal drag and drop elements though. As it has been 7 months since this has been discovered, is there any available fix for this?

Michał Duszak staff commented 1 year ago

Hello, this issue hasn't been fixed yet.

adamozdemir priority answered 2 years ago


Thank you for your response. Can you advise on an approximate ETA please? The drag and drop tool is the core reason we upgraded our membership. So it would be ideal for this to be working properly please even for mobile devices, as per what end users would expect.


Michał Duszak staff commented 2 years ago

Hello, unfortunately we are not able to estimate how long will it take for us to fix it. We are trying our best to get this done.

Michał Duszak staff answered 2 years ago

Hello, thank you for your feedback. I've listed this issue on our TODO list and we will fix it as soon as we can.

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Specification of the issue

  • User: Priority
  • Premium support: Yes
  • Technology: MDB Standard
  • MDB Version: MDB5 3.7.1
  • Device: All devices
  • Browser: All Browser
  • OS: All operating systems
  • Provided sample code: No
  • Provided link: No