Topic: Cannot Install MD5 React Pro

Miller42 free asked 2 years ago

Hi guys, I just purchased this libarary as it looks great and I love the documentation :). Currently using it with React and it's not letting me install it. I've tried two different access tokens. It let me install the regular MDB5, just having trouble with the React one.

I'm running the following command: npm install git+ --save

Getting the following npm error:

code 128 npm ERR! An unknown git error occurred npm ERR! command git --no-replace-objects ls-remote npm ERR! remote: The project you were looking for could not be found or you don't have permission to view it. npm ERR! fatal: repository '' not found

Adam Jakubowski staff answered 2 years ago


The support forum is dedicated to technical questions.

All questions regarding MDB licensing, products, partnerships, and other non-technical queries - it should be asked directly to

I have already replied to the email you sent us

Keep coding,

Adam From MDB

Miller42 free answered 2 years ago

Sigh. I tried using git+

It does not work also. Also tried adding to package.json.. Doesn't work...

Miller42 free answered 2 years ago

Hello can someone please help

Miller42 free answered 2 years ago

Same issue as this guy:

Seems the location doesn't exist why do you have invalid install links in your docs? Someone please help??


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