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IAA_73 priority asked 11 months ago

Two Questions:

I am working through the documentation ( and when I get to the mdb init stage I am confused as to what version to click (or if this method works with the version I have purchased).

My license is for MDB Standard Advanced (but on the download button from within the site indicates "pro"). When running the mdb init I see a "pro" option for version 4, but not for 5. Do I just start with "Standard Advanced"?

Question 2: The installation above is on my local machine. When it is time to upload to the remote *nix server do I merely FTP up, or do I need to run the cli installer on the remote system under *nix?

Sorry for these very basic questions.

Arkadiusz Cacko staff answered 11 months ago


Answer 1: The mdb5 packages do not contain the "pro" in their names. As I can see, you bought MDB Standard Advanced, so you can just use the mdb5-standard-advanced. It's the "pro" package, and free users don't have access to it.

Answer 2: It depends.

-- If you have your own server and want to host the project on it, you can upload it like any other projects – don't have to run any cli commands on the remote server.

-- If you want to host it on MDB GO, you can just use the mdb publish command. Check out MDB GO docs for more details

Regards Arek

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