Topic: Please make it so that "My Orders" shows the prior current major release during a transition

dwilbur priority asked 6 months ago

only shows 7.x (mdbpro) atm, and makes it difficult to update from 6.x to 6.4.2 during this transition to 7. we are not ready to do the transition, and tbh, would rather wait for a few patches to 7 before doing this.

it would seem that during any transition period, say... 3 to 6 months, that there should still be a way to get to the prior.

also, should i be getting email notices when there is an update to mdb, cause if so that is not happening.

dwilbur priority answered 6 months ago

i would have sworn there was a link to gitlab in the menu. i only see the link to the github repo... or am i not noticing something obvious? =). i guessed how to get there... not convinced that my access is correct to see 6.4.2

also, as asked before are we supposed to get notices at the account email when new versions are made available?

Kamila Pieńkowska staff commented 6 months ago

You've got an email with a link to the repository when you bought the package. It is also available on the thank you page when you finish your purchase.

You can sign up for email notifications about new releases here:

But you also get a notification when you log into our site on the bell icon in the navbar.

You have access to all previous versions of MDB5 Standard.

Kamila Pieńkowska staff answered 6 months ago

You can download previous version of the package if you go to GitLab repository and change the tag to 6.4.2

You can also download it via npm if you set specific version to mdb-ui-kit package before running npm install

Here is a link to legacy docs you will need to work with version 6.4.2:

You can access it from the changelog.

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