Topic: select setvalue not working with data-mdb-filter="true"

Coenie Janse van Rensburg priority asked 2 weeks ago

inside a modal the setvalue works when data-mdb-filter="false" but when true then it doesn't set the value.

Expected behavior is with data-mdb-filter="true" the set value should still work

Launch demo modal

Modal title One Two Three Four Five Example label reset/close Save changes // Initialize the MDB select instance const singleSelect = document.querySelector('#singleSelection'); const singleSelectInstance = mdb.Select.getInstance(singleSelect); // Add event listener to the button const resetBtn = document.getElementById('resetbtn'); resetBtn.addEventListener('click', () => { singleSelectInstance.setValue('1'); });

Kamila Pieńkowska staff answered 2 weeks ago

I don't understand the problem. Your snippet works like you describe you want it to work.

I've changed value set vie reset button to 2 to see result when I use reset button and it works.

Also if you need to reset value to first option you can use clear button:

Coenie Janse van Rensburg priority commented 2 weeks ago

Did you even try the snippet? Open the modal select value three for enstance click reset/close button the value is supposed to be reset to 1(Option 1). The value is not resetting,

if i turn data-mdb-filter="true" to false then the search function is gone and when i select a value again like three or something and click reset button then the value reset perfect back to 1.

Kamila Pieńkowska staff commented 2 weeks ago

As I wrote I did try is. But I change value to 2. This wont work for value '1'. It's due to specifics of HTML select tag.

If you want reset button to clear select use this:

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