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Product Pages

Expose your products in a best and most informative way with well-designed product pages.


An overall page where you inform about newest products and ignite curiosity in your customers.

Category Pages

Every confused customer is a dollar lost. Avoid it by providing your buyers with an intuitive categories and navigation.

Contact Page

Keep great relationships with your customers and provide them possibilities to reach out.

Cart Pages

Hear no more about the abandoned cart and make it a pleasure to finalize the purchase.


Active community

Millions of professional developers - MDB is a web design standard thanks to them. We help & inspire each other every day.


Detailed tutorials, created with a step-by-step approach will help you with integrations, web design & best practices.

Material Design

State-of-the-art design focused on intuitivness & user experiance. Google-friendly looks based on official material guidelines.

Easy installation

3 minutes, a few clicks and... done. You will be surprised at how easy it is. You will start creating in no-time!

Modern look

Components crafted with care. Templates, sections, colors, fonts and other UI elements composed by professional designers.

Fully responsive

Mobile-friendly, desktop-friendly.. basically everything-friendly. MDB looks great on tablets, phones, laptops & huge screens.


Get Admin Templates Pack and 6 other packages with MDB PRO license. Learn about PRO features below.

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SaaS Templates Pack

Templates dedicated to agencies providing Software as a Service (SaaS). Homepages, pricings, feature listings and much more. Deliver a clear message with intuitive layout & beautiful components. Learn more

Admin Templates Pack

The most advanced package, dedicated to Admin Dashboards, Configuration Panels & custom reports. Full of charts, panels, visualization features, and ready-to-use templates. Learn more

Landing Page Templates Pack

The package contains multiple landing page templates! Each template is rich in various components & features. Everything that a Web Developer needs to quickly complete his projects! Learn more

E-commerce Templates Pack

Material E-commerce templates provide all key e-shop components – take advantage of predesigned Product Pages, Checkouts, Cards & more! Learn more

Blog Templates Pack

The blog is the number 1 tool for business to customer communication – it’s good to keep it well-designed. Don’t waste your time on styling – use professionally designed Posts, Homepages, Author Pages & more! Learn more

Magazine Templates Pack

Great content needs a place to store. Articles & photos look great in ordered space with easy navigation. Material Design will make your News Hub a better & prettier experience for readers and authors. Learn more

Portfolio Templates Pack

Whenever you need to showcase something – a Portfolio, Case study, Showreel or simply a Business Page – MDB templates are the way to go! Templates for models, actors, agencies, businesses and more Learn more


500+ PRO templates

Make use of our predefined templates for Admin Dashboards, Landing Pages, E-commerce & more

250+ Design Blocks

Thematic sections like blog listings, contact forms, pricing tables & more

1,588+ Icons

Hundreds of useful, scalable, vector icons at your disposal in MDB Icon search engine

19+ PRO Extensions

Addons including Advanced Cards, Chat, Timelines, Multi-range sliders and more

Material Design for Bootstrap
4,459+ Community components

Access thousands of additional plugins, add-ons, and snippets created by designers of the world

22+ Modules

Compiled, ready to use libraries including modules for CSS (SASS files) and JS

150+ SASS files

Neatly arranged and well documented .scss files can't wait for you to compile them

77+ CSS animations

Easy to use animations. Increase the interactivity of your project & delight your visitors


Design Blocks

An impressive set of 250+ HTML/CSS design blocks. Multiple categories like e-commerce, dashboards, landing page, blog and many more.

Premium Snippets

With MDB Pro you have access to thousands of premium plugins, add-ons, ready to use snippets. From subtle web components to full app designs - spend less time working by reusing creative solutions developed by web designers!

Pro Tutorials

This complete and easy guide will teach you how to create stunning, responsive website and apps. Each lesson is provided with a series of practical examples and each of those examples brings essential web design knowledge.