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Make chart.js dependency optional to reduce file size
dxl pro edited 2 hours ago
Angular 7 0 0
'mdb-progress-bar' is not a known element
dxl pro published 3 hours ago
Angular 2 0 0
Can't bind to 'chartType' since it isn't a known property of 'canvas'.
renatoveronese answered 9 hours ago
Angular 26 3 0
Navbar flashes open on bootstrap with Angular Universal on Mobile
maenthoven pro premium published 9 hours ago
Angular 59 3 0
Select multiple dates at once
kijorojo pro premium published 11 hours ago
Angular 5 0 0
how to remove error and success validation messages in real time.
yeisonvelez11 pro premium commented 11 hours ago
Angular 37 1 0
StickyContent not working for Angular
fodxp pro premium answered 12 hours ago
Angular 76 5 0
Set date in DatePicker dynamically
akrolis pro commented 16 hours ago
Angular 53 1 0
I just bought angular pro and I'm getting this error: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token export
Arkadiusz Idzikowski answered 17 hours ago
Angular 81 3 0
Cannot replicate the way scrollspy is working in the mdb angular website in my project
Damian Gemza answered 17 hours ago
Angular 15 1 0