Identifying Pro vs Free and is posting Pro on Private GitHub

Topic: Identifying Pro vs Free and is posting Pro on Private GitHub permitted?

Alexa86 pro premium asked 7 months ago


My daily job workflow involves posting to a PRIVATE GitHub repository for version control. When apps and pages are published, it is for dashboards for positive nonprofit work, also landing pages and NOT for selling anything on Themeforest for profit. Please see my notes and 3 questions below.

In another support thread, I read that...

“…since MDB Free is MIT-licensed, you can feel free to put it on your GitHub repository” said MDB Staff, Bartłomiej Malanowski

1.Does this quote from your team above apply to both public and private GitHub repos?

2.So to confirm, I can legally use ANY MDB free code (components, JS, CSS, etc) on THIS website and post it to my GitHub repo as long as it does NOT have this red "MDB Pro Component" button above the section right?

MDB Pro Component Button Screenshot

For example, these components have a red Pro button above them. So then they are not safe to post on GitHub:

While these components do NOT have a red Pro button above them so they are safe to post to both private and public GitHub repos?

3.Is there any flexibility to use Pro components as long as the GitHub repo is private and not public? If not, then my Pro license is useless for my job and I can't use it for work. So I'll have to be careful to only use sections that do not have that red Pro button above it.

I really love how clean this library is and so much is included. I would like to use it, but I need clarity to understand restrictions. Thank you for your help!

Filip Kapusta staff pro premium answered 7 months ago


First of all, support forum is dedicated to technical questions - all questions regarding licensing should be asked directly to

But I'll leave this answer for future users.

So, regarding your questions:

  1. Bartek was talking about MDB Free which is MIT licensed - that means that you can use it as you will, so you can also include it in a private GitHub repository
  2. Yes - you can use Free components (not marked as PRO) in public GitHub repositories
  3. You can use MDB Pro in private GitHub repositories, but not in any public ones

Alexa86 pro premium answered 7 months ago


Thank you Filip for so much clarity and for taking the time to respond!

2.Great! Then I can use free components (that do not have the red PRO button) in both private repos for work and public repos for personal projects.

3.Wonderful! I didn't know this. I'm glad I asked because the Pro license page does not specify private GitHub repos are okay versus public. It just says "GitHub."

This gives me a peace of mind that I can actually use my license for PRO components for work because of the private GitHub.

Also, I see that other people posted about license related questions in this support forum so it appeared that it was okay to post it here. I just wanted to save time just in case someone automatically responded to my email to post here.

I can now use MDP PRO and Free components with a peace of mind! Thanks again!

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