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WingedImagination priority asked 2 years ago

Hi, I am trying to get an alert like it is in the example Alerts> Placement ( - alert that is sticked to the top-right of the screen. Unfortunately, this cannot be obtained by using the code that is in the 'show code' (alert is shown under the button or at the very end of the page - depend of 'appendToBody').

1) So how can I get this effect?

2) How to trigger alert by function without buttons?

chalicham priority answered 1 year ago

aslo where do i get code for this ? for example User profile

Mateusz Lazaru staff commented 1 year ago

It's included in mdb5-react-ui-kit, but only in the PRO ADVANCED package. You will find it in mdb/templates/admin-dashboards/

chalicham priority answered 1 year ago this link has lot search options , these are not available in mdb-react-ui-kit?

also i want to have these in mdb-react-ui-kit

and these nice intros

please provide links I am using all lateset versions

Mateusz Lazaru staff commented 1 year ago - here is an example of usage input to filter data. You may also be interested in autocomplete:

Currently, we do not provide many design blocks in react-ui-kit. We will probably add some in the future, but at the moment we are focused on improving the package, by fixing existing components.

chalicham priority answered 1 year ago

ERROR in ./src/components/login/Signup.js 230:63-71 export 'MDBAlert' (imported as 'MDBAlert') was not found in 'mdb-react-ui-kit'

{showAlert && login && The creation of the account with UID: {userId} was successful , Please login ... }

it was working till today , after i upated with npm install mdb-react-ui-kit@latest it is shows this error

Mateusz Lazaru staff commented 1 year ago

Can I see the import code? Could you check if there actually is mdb-react-ui-kit in the node_modules/?

It would also be great if you told me which version you had before the upgrade.

chalicham priority answered 1 year ago

why am i gettin getting this Attempted import error: 'MDBAlert' is not exported from 'mdb-react-ui-kit' (imported as 'MDBAlert').

Grzegorz Bujański staff commented 1 year ago

What version of MDB React are you using? how do you add our package to your project?

Krzysztof Wilk staff answered 2 years ago


  1. Can you create a code example of your problem? Or share your code with me? I tried the code from here on the fresh package and everything works as expected.

  2. You can use the show property to manually handle your alert. I.e. you can use the state to achieve that: <MDBAlert position='top-right' show={someShowState}>...</MDBAlert> :)

Keep coding!

WingedImagination priority commented 2 years ago

Hi! Thank you for your answer. After updating all the modules, it started to work. Thanks for your time and have a nice day.

Krzysztof Wilk staff commented 2 years ago


Glad I could help. If you have more questions - feel free to ask :)

Keep coding!

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