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Angular Bootstrap 4.3.5

What's new?


Fixed scss imports

Updated How to install


Npm install fix


Scss files update


Fixed production build.


Template url fix for: carousel, dropdown, modalBackdrop, modalContainer, navbar, popover, tooltip.


Version 4.3.0 brings plenty of important changes. We have updated every single component and directive.

We've reviewed our code, and have fixed about 892 errors. Now, our product reached the new level of quality. We've raised our code quality to meet quality standards designed by Google's Angular team.

    Most important changes (backward compatibility dropped):

  1. Directives - camelCase and mdb prefix

  2. Components - kebab-case and mdb prefix

    Other changes (doesn't affext compatibility)

  1. Consistent indent of 2 spaces

  2. Use of hostBinding and hostListner instead of host property

  3. Private, public and instance both methods and variables has been sorted in files (recommended by Angular, it helps with readability)

  4. Each template has been moved to seperate file (except of one-liners)

  5. And many more tiny quality improvements ...

Version Disclaimer

This is major release, however to stay consistent with Angular's, and Bootstrap's versioning we decided to stay with 4 to omit any confuses in MDB Angular Community. Backwards compatibility has been completly dropped.

Angular Bootstrap 4.2.0 Beta version

What's new?


That's the most significant update in the history of MDBootstrap. Together with the newest Bootstrap, we introduce you a brand new, completely rewritten MDB.

We took a lot of effort to provide a backward compatibility with the previous versions. Nonetheless, some syntax changes are inevitable (mostly caused by Bootstrap changes).

We've prepared a detailed list of syntax changes. The process of migration won't be painful, don't worry. However, we recommend you to read carefully a detailed list of changes. You can find it below.

You can download the new version of MDB Free on our website and for MDB Pro from your account page.

Note 1: For MDB Angular 4.2 beta we use an experimental version of Bootstrap 4 beta, not published yet. You can find a documentation for this Bootstrap version here.

Note 2: If you wish you can still download a stable version of MDB Angular Free 4.1.0 here. Legacy documentation for MDB Angular 4.1.0 is available here.

Note 3: If you are MDB Pro User and you whish to download MDB Pro 4.1.0 version write us on email: office@mdbootstrap.com .

Note 4: To provide a proper rendering of our website we recommend to clear the browser cache.

    Most important changes (backward compatibility provided):

  1. Improved design

  2. New, improved and extended documentation

  3. Completely rewritten, with the highest standards, SASS code

  4. Unified and simplified syntax

  5. Updated and improved JS plugins

    Other changes (backward compatibility provided) :

  1. Removed unused variables and classes

  2. Changed spacing utilities

  3. Updated colors (warning, danger, info, success)

  4. Customization made easier

  5. New contact form

  6. Recreated parallax

  7. Introduced gradients

  8. Dropped jumbotron for cascading card

  9. Improved cascading cards

  10. Added gradient cards

  11. Added enhanced bootstrap modals

  12. Updated overlay cards

  13. Improved pricings section

  14. Social list moved to deprecated

  15. Added border-radius to material dropdowns

  16. Improved design

  17. Updated accordion

  18. Added new versions of streaks

  19. Recreated intros

  20. Improved sidenav

  21. Fixed caret issue for material select

  22. Added animations to: tooltip, popover, alerts, dropdowns

  23. Fixed rotating card animation (from left to right side)

  24. Fixed input active class with dynamically added values

  25. Updated alerts module plugin

  26. Added slide animation for carousel

  27. Added mobile section

    Changes that can cause issues to project built with previous versions of MDB:

  1. .navbar-expand instead of .navbar-toggleable

  2. Removed nearly all .hidden-* classes in favor of our newer .d-* display utilities

  3. Renamed .btn-mdb to .btn-mdb-color for better naming scheme

  4. .btn-sm and .btn-lg instead of .btn-small and .btn-large for .btn-floating

    Coming soon:

  1. MDB Angular Admin Dashboard

  2. MDB React

  3. MDB Vue

Beta Disclaimer

It is up to you to take precaution against damages resulting from this beta software. Software in beta testing should for example not be used on sensitive and/or valuable data. The usage of beta software is at your own risk and may void the warranty on your products. If you are not an experienced user, or otherwise in any doubt of your capabilities to make such a decision, please user our stable release MDB 4.1.0. In no event the software provider shall be liable to you for any damages, including damages arising out of the use or inability to use the beta software.

Angular Bootstrap 4.1.0

What's new?

4.1.0 version adds Sections and fixes few minor bugs.


  1. 10 Sections, which show what you can create with our angular components.

  2. Update of the documentation: more information about options and methods of components

  3. Removed from project and re-added as npm dependency google maps

  4. Fixed ripple effect issue

  5. Fixed mdbActive directive issue