Vue Bootstrap 5 Flags

A flag is used to represent a political state.



A flag can use the two digit country code, the full name, or a common alias

            <MDBIcon flag="ae" />
            <MDBIcon flag="fr" />
            <MDBIcon flag="mm" />
            import { MDBIcon } from 'mdb-vue-ui-kit';
            export default {
              components: {
          <script setup lang="ts">
            import { MDBIcon } from 'mdb-vue-ui-kit';


Many flag sets use SVG to render flags at multiple sizes. However svg flags usually appear blurry or render improperly at smaller sizes. MDB default theme uses an image sprite solution which provides crisper icons, but without the ability to resize

United States
Selected Flag
<i class="flag flag-united-states"></i>

Flag Name ISO 3166-2 Code ? Additional Aliases

Flags - API


            import { MDBIcon } from 'mdb-vue-ui-kit';


Name Type Default Description Example
icon String '' Defines icon. <MDBIcon icon="camera" />
iconStyle String 'fas' Defines icon style. Available options: fas, far, fab, fal, fad. <MDBIcon icon="mdb" iconStyle="fab" />
size String '' Defines icon size. <MDBIcon icon="camera" size="3x" />
flag String '' Changes icon to a flag. <MDBIcon flag="fr" />