Git access with MDB 5 Pro Vue

Git benefits with MDB Pro
Git benefits with MDB Pro

Git makes it easier to track changes, update & collaborate on your project. Thanks to Git access included in your purchase you'll get:

  1. Access to a shared repository
  2. Access to source code
  3. NPM installation option
  4. Team collaboration options
  5. MDB CLI access & features
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Important Notice Regarding GitLab Access

Please be aware that access to our GitLab repositories is not available in some tiers. See our pricing for more details on tiers that contain access to GitLab.

If you believe you should have access based on your current subscription level and are encountering issues, ensure you have checked your email for an access link sent post-purchase, and have followed all instructions provided there. If problems persist, please contact us at for detailed assistance.

How to install MDB via NPM

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How to create and share your MDB project with others

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