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MDB 4.3.0

Another huge update comes with new features

We also created MDB Vue Admin Dashboard Free


  1. Blog section
  2. Contact section
  3. E-commerce section
  4. Features section
  5. Intros section
  6. Magazine
  7. Projects section
  8. Social buttons
  9. Social section
  10. Team section
  11. Testimonials section


  1. Integration with Heroku
  2. Col component
  3. Cards

MDB 4.2.0

This update has been shipped with a lot of new features known from MDB jQuery

New components:

  1. Charts Pro
  2. Default Bootstrap's Inputs
  3. More variations of Modals
  4. Lightbox
  5. Carousels Pro
  6. Classic Tabs
  7. Double Navigation
  8. Scrollbar
  9. More versions of Buttons
  10. Sticky Content


  1. Range input
  2. Inputs
  3. Updated project dependencies


It's just an small update which provides integration with the latest version of MDB


  1. NPM repository
  2. scss files


  1. Updated to Bootstrap 4.0.0 (stable version)
  2. Updated to MDB 4.5.0
  3. Build tools