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Material Design for Bootstrap Pro (Angular version)

Angular Bootstrap UI KIT

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900+ handcrafted, action-ready components that will cut the time of your development process. Powered by Angular - Bootstrap technology and delightful Material Design.

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Thanks to MDB Angular you can use the full power of Bootstrap CSS. At your disposal are the famous Bootstrap grid, flexbox, helpers, page layouts, skins and much more.

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Trusted by 400 000 + developers & designers

Main features:

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Premium features and components

A great number of special add-ins, will make your projects stunning and functional at the same time.

Privileged support for Pro users

Questions from Pro users have the special priority. We're putting a great effort for delivering a quick and essential response.

Regular updates

The process of developing never ends. However, you can be sure that we'll never charge you for any of our updates.


400+ Basic Components
500+ Premium Components
Detailed Documentation
Unlimited updates
Premium Support

What people say about MDB?


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Bootstrap 4

Because it is part of MDB family, it takes full advantage of Bootstrap 4 features. Now with new Bootstrap 4 Beta, it's even more powerful.

Angular CLI

CLI is an amazing tool for automating work with Angular. That will definitely make your development process easier.

Full documentation

All you have to know about Angular 5 and Bootstrap 4 in one place. We've described all components as detailed as it can be, but if you suffer from lack of any information - let us know!

No jQuery

No more struggle with jQuery. MDBootstrap Angular is written in TypeScript and compiled to pure JavaScript.


TypeScript brings you optional static type-checking along with the latest ECMAScript features.

Angular 5

The newest available version of Angular. That means - Better features, security and less code.

MDB Admin Dashboard displayed on iPad

Not enough?

Free personal and commercial use

We want people to use MDB for any kind of projects - both private and commercial.

900+ UI elements

Great number of UI stuff useful in all kind of design

600+ icons

Details matter, so take full advantage of Font Awesome scalable icons.

Fully responsive

You don't have to worry about the screen resolution of your visitors. All components and elements will look stunning on any device.

MDB Magazine Template displayed on iPhone
70+ CSS animations

One of the best ways to amaze your visitors is to add some stunning animations.


It doesn't matter if you're a total newbie - our tutorials will learn you how to deal with this technology.

Easy installation

You don't have to spend a whole day to set up. You can do it in less than 5 minutes.

Easy to use and customize

Customization doesn't have to be annoying. In MDB is pure pleasure.

...and even more:

Cross-browser compatibility

Works perfectly on all popular browsers

Frequent updates

We're spending hours on making our products better

Active community

MDB is not about products, it is about creating a community

Useful helpers

Get rid of repeatable declarations in your CSS


Use TypeScript modules to compile package adjusted to your needs

Technical support

All, even the most sophisticated questions will be answered


Flex Bos is supported by MDB, so you don't have to worry about the alignment issues.

SASS files

Well documented and .scss files are ready for compilation.

Are you ready to start?