Free educational access for students & faculty

MDB Edu program for schools & universities

  1. Free license for all educational & some commercial projects
  2. Tools worth $2049/student/year for free
  3. 20,000+ components, templates & plugins
  4. Growing base of tutorials & learning resources
  5. Access to a community of professional developers
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How it works

No curriculum requirements

We don't require you to include MDB tools in the curriculum plan. Although you're welcome to do it & we are ready to help you set up the course.

100% free for education

Neither the institution nor students incur any costs for participation in the program. All usage for educational purposes is free & unrestricted.

Commercial patronage

We're happy to see your students thrive. We allow some commercial usage by students to help them kick start their careers, under certain rules & supervision.

I'm a student - how can I join?

How can I get free access to MDB tools as a student?

In order for you to get free educational access to MDB tools, your school needs to be enlisted in MDB Edu program. We verify each application manually & grant student access automatically based on the tutorial published on school domain.

If you are a student, here's what we recommend you do:

  • Find 3-10 other people from your school, that would also be interested in joining the program
  • Review the requirement that your school has to fullfill to join (below)
  • Reach out to your schools library / resources department, or simply to one of your professors or other members of the faculty
  • Explain why do you want to try out MDB tools & send them the link to this website.

When your school publishes the tutorial - you will be able to access MDB premium tools for free, using the form included in the tutorial & your school email address.

reach out to faculty review requirements student discount

Only one requirement to join

As an educational institution (school, community college, university or others) you can apply for the program and get free access to our tools for your students.

There is only a single action you need to take: publish a simple tutorial on your official school domain or subdomain.

1. Download and review the reference tutorial

We've included a template for you to use (see below). You can use it as is, or modify it to your liking.

2. Adjust it to your site

The reference includes CSS styles loaded via CDN to make it pretty. You can of course change the structure and styles to fit your site & change identifying information to suit your school name and logo. However the essential content of the guide (explanations, instructions, crucial links, screenshots) should remain unchanged.

3. Make sure the tutorial is valid

Make sure that after your changes, the tutorial still serves its purpose & fullfills all of the key conditions.

Give clear access instructions

The tutorial will inform the students how they can access the premium features of our platform from your school.
You will have to include an email form, where the students can submit their email address for verification. The email address will be used to verify the student's affiliation with an institution and grant them access. The students will have an option to opt-in for software updates, account notifications & newsletter. We don't require names, surnames, address or other sensitive data - only email address. We process your students data in accordance to GDPR & our privacy policy. Will not use the email address for any other purpose.

Explain support usage

The tutorial will explain proper usage of our technical support forum.
When giving free licenses to unexperienced students, we need to be careful to to avoid support overload :)

Point to crucial documentation

The tutorial should point to the crucial pages of MDB software documentation.
Once again, we need to minimize the support load. The students should be able to find answers to most of their questions in the documentation. The links should open in a new tab (target="_blank") to avoid leaving the tutorial page and be of the dofollow type (rel="dofollow") to help us detect outdated content & improve discoveribility.

Translation to your native language

The tutorial should be published in English & native language.
If the primary language of your institution is other than English, you will have to provide your own translation of the tutorial & publish both versions.

Publicly available & verifiable

The tutorial should be publicly discoverable, indexable & available to your students without login walls.
Don't hide your tutorial in private repositories. We will verify the students affiliation to an institutions on our end. We actually need the tutorial to be public & indexable (possible to be found via i.e. google or bing) to regularly check if it's up to date & still up. If your tutorial disappears from the internet your students will lose access to the premium features of the platform.

4. Publish & let us know!

Make sure to publish the tutorial on an accessible URL of your official school domain or subdomain (i.e. or Then let us know about it by sending an email to

Student discount

Get a 50% student discount for any MDB package

If for some reason, your institution cannot join the MDB Edu program, you can also apply for a 50% student discount.

1. Send us an email from your school domain email address

2. We will respond & ask for you student ID verification

3. After verification you will receive a 50% discount on your first purchase

    By applying you agree to receive the messages & commercial information from the data administrator StartupFlow s.c. Kijowska 7, Warsaw. Policy

    Terms & conditions of MDB Edu program

    1. MDB Edu is a program that provides free educational access to students and faculty for the purpose of learning and developing their skills.
    2. Participants in the program will have access to all MDB components, templates, and plugins, as well as a growing base of tutorials and learning resources.
    3. MDB Edu does not require institutions to include the program's tools in their curriculum plans.
    4. Participation in the program is completely free for both institutions and students, and there are no costs associated with using the tools for educational purposes.
    5. To join the program, institutions must publish a simple tutorial on an official school domain or subdomain. The tutorial must remain publicly discoverable, indexable, and available to students without login walls.
    6. By participating in the program, institutions agree to the following terms and conditions:
      • Institutions must use the provided template or a modified version that maintains the essential content of the guide (explanations, instructions, crucial links, screenshots).
      • Institutions must ensure that the tutorial is valid and serves its intended purpose after any modifications have been made.
      • Institutions must publish the tutorial on an accessible URL of their official school domain or subdomain.
      • The links and resources included in the tutorial must remain unchanged.
      • Institutions must notify MDB Edu of the tutorial's publication by sending an email to
      • MDB reserves the right to terminate the program or revoke access to the program if institution is not following the terms and conditions.
    7. Free access is granted to a student for the period of 12 months, after that the access can be revoked without notice.
    8. Free access is granted only for educational purposes
    9. "Educational purposes" can be defined as the use of the tools and resources provided by the MDB Edu program for the purpose of learning, teaching, and developing skills. This can include, but is not limited to:
      • Classroom instruction and assignments
      • Student research and projects
      • Professional development for educators and staff
      • Hobby projects
    10. MDB Edu allows some commercial usage by students to help them kick-start their careers, under certain rules and supervision. Commercial usage queries should be directed to & rights will be granted on a case by case basis.
    11. While commercial usage by students is allowed under certain rules and supervision, it must be directly related to and supportive of their education and skill development. Any commercial usage that is not directly tied to these educational purposes would not be considered acceptable under the program's terms and conditions.
    12. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time at MDB's discretion.