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Admin dashboard tutorial – Bootstrap 4 and material design

by Michal Szymanski,

Project introduction:

Admin dashboards belong to the most advanced UI category. They are designed for organization and visualization of the huge amount of data and for managing multiple functionalities of the application.

Click on the button below to see the final result of this tutorial:

Live demo

You will learn how to create and use the following components and functionalities:

  1. Side navigation

  2. Component initialization via JavaScript

  3. Double navigation

  4. Advanced navigation layouts

  5. Skins

  6. Customization via CSS

  7. Sections

  8. Charts

  9. Select

  10. Datepicker & timepicker

  11. Tables

  12. Table responsiveness

  13. Pagination

  14. Modals

  15. Checkbox

  16. Accordion

  17. Dropdowns

  18. Alerts

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Michal Szymanski

Co-Founder at MDBootstrap & BrandFlow. Entrepreneur, UI/UX designer, marketing analyst. Dancer & nerd.

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  • Job Okanga

    Hi, am new to web design and I couldn't just leave without a comment. Let me say this I love the way you've mastered bootstrap and wish i could be able to be as creative as you guys. Very intuitive, interactive and impressive. Thanks for the lessons too..

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