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What happens if I don't renew my subscription? Will I still be able to use MDB PRO?

Yes, you can still use it. However, without a subscription, you lose access to:

  • professional support
  • snippets platform
  • Git & npm access
  • new updates
  • code examples

Is MDB 5 stable and ready to use in production?

Yes, MDB 5 is stable and ready to use in production.

In MDB 5, we mostly use our own solutions, taking from Bootstrap only what is stable and tested.

Our goal was to use all the most popular and stable features of Bootstrap, but at the same time not to rely entirely on Bootstrap itself and build as many of our own solutions as possible.

Together with dozens of our beta testers and the most trusted customers, we have been testing MDB 5 for many months. To be absolutely sure of the stability, we released 4 Alpha and 2 Beta versions before announcing the stable version.

Thanks to this approach, we have control over the source code and we can guarantee its stability.

I already have other MDB products, do I get a discount?

Yes, you will get a discount for existing customers. Log into your PRO account in order to use it right here.

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Are there MDB 5 versions available for Angular, React and Vue?

Yes, they are.

Angular React Vue

Still have any questions? Use our support forum and our team will answer you.

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