Vertical rule

Bootstrap 5 Vertical rule

Add a vertical divider to your design.

How it works

Vertical rules are inspired by the <hr> element, allowing you to create vertical dividers in common layouts. They’re styled just like <hr> elements:

  • They’re 1px wide
  • They have min-height of 1em
  • Their color is set via currentColor and opacity

Customize them with additional styles as needed.


Use .vr class to create vertical dividers:

            <div class="vr"></div>

Vertical rules scale their height in flex layouts:

            <div class="d-flex" style="height: 200px;">
              <div class="vr"></div>

With stacks

They can also be used in stacks:

First item
Second item
Third item
            <div class="hstack gap-3">
              <div class="bg-light border">First item</div>
              <div class="bg-light border ms-auto">Second item</div>
              <div class="vr"></div>
              <div class="bg-light border">Third item</div>