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Frequent updates and continuous product improvement is our priority. We strive to remain the leading front-end technology and uphold the highest standards.

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  3. Concern for backward compatibility
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Before updating MDB5, be sure to check changes in the changelog. You may need to make some changes in your project to make it compatible with the new version.

Update for manual installation (ZIP installation)

Step 1

Download the latest version of the MDB5 package in ZIP format.

If you use the free version, you can download the latest version of the MDB5 package using here .

Step 2

Extract the contents of the ZIP file to a new folder on your computer.

Step 3

Locate the folder where the old version of MDB5 is installed.

Step 4

Replace the old MDB5 files with the new files you extracted in step 2. Make sure to copy all files, including any subfolders.

Step 5

If you made any customizations to the MDB5 files, make sure to back them up before replacing the files.

Update for NPM installation

If you want to update MDB package version it means that you already have mdb-ui-kit in your package.json file. You can update version in two ways.

Update to newest version

Two install newest available version you need to use command

          npm install

Update to specific version

To update package to specific version first you need to set version number to MDB package in your package.json file e.g. 6.2.0 and save changes. It should look like in the example below:

            "mdb-ui-kit": "6.2.0"

After that you need to run command below:

          npm install